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Snap-On Smile Dentistry

Snap-on Smile Dentistry offers a unique cosmetic option for your oral problems. If you have a chipped, cracked, or missing tooth, then this practice can help cover that up in a natural looking way. They use a resin material to cover the problem tooth, and the piece will cling onto your mouth in such a way that no one will see metal or anything else that would indicate it was not your natural tooth. This can serve as a permanent solution to a missing tooth or a temporary solution for a chipped tooth if you are planning to have the chipped tooth replaced, for example.

You can also use this option to replace your dentures if your dentures are the kind that go in and out. This is a little bit more of a permanent solution than that as you do not need to take it in and out at night or when you eat.

One of the best parts about this solution is that it does not require painful surgery. Just as the name implies, the piece goes into your mouth without any drilling or surgery.

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