We at Canada Dental Network know how hard it is to find the right dentist for yourself and for your family. You want the best for your family and do not know where to start, so we did the searching and research to make it easier for you. We do not want you to have to spend hours searching for the right dentist that can perform that root canal for you that accepts your insurance.

Dentists can submit their clinic information in our website either either as a free member or paid plans.

We offer two membership levels:

  • Free Membership: You will be able to enter your clinic name, address, phone number, and other basic information.
  • Premium Membership: You will have a full feature profile which includes all of the Free Membership features as well as more photos, promotions and other useful information that makes you and your business unique.

Canada Dental Network updates their information daily to provide you with the best and most accurate information. For more information contact us at (416) 222–0035 or email us at support@dentalnetwork.ca