All About Sensitive Teeth

All About Sensitive Teeth

  • Posted: Jun 17, 2021

Sensitive teeth can be very painful and it can disrupt almost every aspect of life. Just a simple taste of a hot drink or a small spoonful of ice cream can leave sensitive teeth in great pain. 

Additionally, simply just trying to brush your teeth at night or in the morning can be painful too. This can even leave you with not wanting to floss! Our Toronto dentist directory website has put together this article to further inform you of everything one should know if they have sensitive teeth. 

What Can Cause Sensitive Teeth? 

 There are several things that can cause someone to have sensitive teeth and not every person is the same. Unless we are talking about the pain of sensitive teeth! Below is a list of some of the possible causes of pain due to sensitive teeth:  

  • Cavities or tooth decay. 
  • Older fillings – Fillings can wear down over time. 
  • Fractured teeth. 
  • Gum disease. 
  • Tooth enamel wear. 
  • Tooth root exposure. 

What Are Healthy Teeth and Gums Like? 

 Healthy teeth and gums will not have any pain because there will be no damage or exposure of the roots. The enamel in healthy teeth protects the tooth from the outside world.  The enamel protects the tooth from the gum line, but under the gums is a thin layer of cementum that protects the root of the tooth.  

That is not all though because there is also something called dentin. Dentin contains microscopic tubules which are small hollow canals and the dentin is a lot less dense than the cementum and enamel. Over time, the dentin can lose its protective coat of enamel and cementum. When this happens hot, cold, or acidy foods can get to the cells and the nerve located inside of the tooth. 

Individuals with Unhealthy Teeth and Gums Can Experience Pain. 

When the gums begin to recede, pain can occur. Over time the enamel and cementum can wear down exposing the dentin which results in pain that can only worsen. The protective coat is very important to protecting the teeth and preventing any pain. 

How Are Sensitive Teeth Treated? 

 The great news with sensitive teeth is that they can indeed be treated, but the treatment will greatly depend on what is causing the sensitivity. You can check out some solutions to sensitive teeth below. 

Treatment for sensitive teeth: 

  • Fluoride gel – At a dental appointment, fluoride gel can be applied to the teeth. What this does is add strength to the enamel reducing sensitivity.  
  • Desensitizing toothpaste – A desensitizing toothpaste will contain ingredients that will help block out the transmission that the nerve will send when there is a pain. However, it will only start to work after several uses.  
  • Crowns or bonding – This must be done by a dentist. Flaws can be removed to reduce sensitivity.  
  • Root canal -This is done when there is severe pain in the tooth. 

Taking care of your teeth is very important and having the right Toronto Dentist can be beneficial in helping relieve sensitivity. To find a dentist that’s right for you, Canada Dental Network has lists of reliable and trusted dental offices that can help. Talking to a dentist about any pain or other issues can result in a pain-free mouth and getting your life back to normal. You deserve to enjoy the things you love and that’s why you should contact a dentist for your evaluation today!