Alleviating Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist

Alleviating Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist

  • Posted: Jul 29, 2021

Children often fear the unknown and going to the dentist may cause some children to worry or even feel a high degree of anxiety before a dental appointment because they don’t know what will happen. But with the help of the Canada Dental Network, parents can now efficiently and effectively help their children to overcome all their fears of the dentist.

What Can Parents Do?

Parents play a big role in easing their child into a dental appointment with no stress or anxiety. There are a few simple steps that all parents can do to make going to the dentist the best possible experience for their child. First, begin by taking your child to the dentist at the age of one or even as soon as their first tooth appears. This will help children to see the dentist as a “friend” and to not think going to the dentist is something to be afraid of. It will also get them use to the idea of the dentist from a young age.

Secondly, parents can “play” dentist with their young children to make going to the dentist seem fun and show them there is nothing to worry about. Let your child be the dentist in the game and have them look in your mouth to show them you aren’t afraid. Another idea is to read one of the many children’s books that help to teach children what a dentist does in a fun way.

Lastly, never let your children see your anxiety about going to the dentist. Don’t pass your fears on to your children. If mommy or daddy is afraid of the dentist, the child may feel going to the dentist must be something bad and be afraid too. Avoiding this will allow your child to be anxiety free about the dentist.

Take Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentist’s receive extra training and have experience to help young patients feel relaxed and comfortable while in the dental office. Pediatric dentists will usually decorate their offices in bright colors with fun decorations that help a child feel at ease. This can change the whole experience for your child.

Talk to Your Child About Going to the Dentist

When your child is due for a dental appointment, talk to them about the appointment and ask if they have any questions. They will feel more relaxed about the appointment if you have addressed their concerns in a calming way before the appointment. Answer their questions as honestly as possible as their fear of the unknown can be more terrifying than the facts. Talking honestly about going to the dentist will help build their trust in you and their dentist. You can also take the time to walk them through what is going to happen as soon as they walk into the office. This way, they know what to expect.

How We Can Help

At Canada Dental Network, our team understands how important it is for your family to have a trusted and reliable dental professional working in the mouths of your children. For more information about finding and booking with the right pediatric dentist, use our website directory to find the right the top dental clinic in Toronto