19 Habits That Degrade Your Teeth

19 Habits That Degrade Your Teeth

  • Posted: Jan 28, 2021
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Are you ready to take the best care of your oral health? Our Dentist Directory has put together 19 tips that will help keep your teeth happy and healthy for years to come.

Bedtime Drink

It is quite common to give a baby something to drink before bed and even adults sometimes need that warm cup of milk to make the sleepiness kick in. But, bathing your teeth in juices, baby formulas and milk can rapidly lead to tooth decay. Protect you and your baby’s teeth by avoiding these processed goodies right before bed and even while in the crib. It may save you thousands in the future for your kid’s dental plan.

Sports Drinks

We all look forward to that cold sports drink at the end of a good workout, but these drinks are extremely high in sugars which basically just mean that it is a soda with a kick of energy. As such, it has the same effect on the teeth and enamel as sodas and candy. Therefore, instead of drinking sports drinks, embrace nature’s natural drink, water!


Lip and Tongue piercings are quite trendy in today’s time. But, they pose quite high risks as they are breeding grounds for bacteria and a hot zone for infections and sores. Even by mistakenly chopping down on this metal can cause a chipped tooth. As well, when piercing the tongue, there is a high risk of piercing a large blood vessel that can lead to a lot of blood loss. Be safe, pierce somewhere else.

Ice Chewing

For some of us, this is a habit we can’t seem to do without. Whether it calms you or just feels good, what harm can they do as it is just frozen water, right? Well, these frozen, sugarless cubes can be more harmful than you think as it has the potential to chip and even crack your teeth. It may even disrupt the soft tissues in your mouth and lead to toothaches. And if you’re thinking to have a hot meal after this, think again because this can lead to severe and long-lasting tooth pains.

No Mouth Guard During Sports

Whether it’s a friendly game of hockey or a community game of football, don’t forget your mouth guards as these are a primary bodyguard for your teeth while playing sports. It prevents your teeth from being chipped during contact or even from being knocked out when things get heated. Mouthguards can be purchased at any community store or even customised to be self-fitted by your dentist.

Teeth Grinding

Whether it is caused by Stress or even a habit of sleeping, teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, slowly wears the teeth. This can be avoided by wearing a mouth guard while you sleep.

Cough Drops

There is no doubt that cough drops are very helpful when it comes to the flu and even that annoying sore throat, but be sure to note the sugars that come along with it. Yes, these ‘healthy’ drops have the same effects as hard candy as it coats the teeth with plaque. Mouth bacteria than do the job and turn these sugars to acid and say hello to cavities.


While all sugary treats are detrimental to tooth health, Gummies are even more so as they stick to the teeth causing acid around the teeth for hours. If your day just isn’t complete without treating yourself to some gummies, chow them down during mealtime as more saliva is produced at that time, thus removing acids and candy remains.

Soft Drink

When it comes to watching the sugars, it must be noted that sodas have about 11 teaspoons of sugar per serving. This might be worse than popping a few candies as sodas also contain citric and phosphoric acids which are well known for enamel deterioration. The diet sodas aren’t far behind as the sugar substitutes bring even more acid to the party.

Opening Cans with Teeth

While we all look for convenience when the day comes, check opening bottles with your teeth off the list as this one habit you’ll want to stop. This leads to chips and cracks which can easily be avoided by purchasing some scissors and bottle openers.

Fruit Juice

Fruits are one of life’s natural pleasures, but commercialized juices are dosed up on sugar which makes it almost equivalent to soda. Because of fruits’ natural sweetness, look out for juices with no added sugar or dilute those packaged fruit juices with water.

Potato Chips

Potato chips are basically the savoury version of candy because this same starch is broken down into acid which has the same effect on the teeth as when sugar is converted to acid. This is particularly effective when stuck between the teeth. As such, dust off that floss and use frequently, especially when snacking on starchy items.


When snacking, less saliva is produced as compared to meal time. As such, food particles remain in the teeth for longer causing tooth decay. Therefore, try avoiding snack time or if you must snack on natural fruits and vegetables.

Pencil Chewing

Like ice crushing, this is generally a habit that is a result of stress or concentration. Therefore, tooth chipping and cracking is a result of this habit. As an alternative, buy some sugar-free gum that compensates the action of chewing while avoiding the enamel eating acids.


Coffee is well known for the yellowing of the teeth due to its dark colour and acidity. Thankfully, many whitening methods are available. Consult with your dentist if there are concerns of discoloration.


All tobacco products are known to cause discoloration and loss of teeth due to gum disease. Tobacco can also cause cancer of the mouth, tongue, and lips. If you like chewing your food, think about quitting.

White Wine

The acids in white wine often leave the teeth porous and thus vulnerable to stains and discoloration of other strong products such as coffee. Rinsing with water or applying toothpaste with a whitening aspect can reduce its effects

Red Wine

Red wine has the same effect on teeth as white wine but in this case, discoloration is also caused by the same product due to the pigments such as chromogen and tannins which leaves the red colour long after your cup or cups of red wine

Binging Eating and Purging

Binge eating is when one excessively eats sugary and junk foods which lead to great tooth decay. This habit, along with purging (Bulimia) is very harmful to teeth health as even more acid is produced during these processes thus causes brittle and weak teeth.