7 Tips for Great Dental Hygiene

7 Tips for Great Dental Hygiene

  • Posted: Jan 12, 2021
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Keeping up with a great dental hygiene routine is the best way to ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy and will also help to cause you far less stress when in the Dentist’s chair. 

We all know that good dental hygiene is the best way to ensure that cavities and gum disease are kept away, so following these 7 tips put together by our Toronto Dentist Directory that will help keep your teeth and gums healthy and happy. 

1. Twice a Day Brushing  

Okay, we all know we should do this one but nearly a 1/4 of us aren’t keeping up. Studies have shown that not brushing your teeth twice a day will cause plaque buildup and start the process of cavities forming. Regular brushing is the number #1 way to prevent bacterial build-up and keep your teeth plaque-free.  

2. Brushing the Right Way 

The technique is a very important part of brushing the right way. The most common mistake is missing areas and just skimming over the teeth. You need to make sure that every single tooth gets a brush both back and front and along the gum line. Take your time and spend at least 2-3 minutes brushing all the areas of your mouth but don’t brush too hard you can damage your gums that way.  

3. Use the Right Brush 

Confronted by a large display of toothbrushes in the store and you don’t know which one to buy? Choose a small-headed brush with soft bristles and rounded ends. This way you won’t aggravate your gums and cause any damage and you can easily reach all the areas of your mouth that need to be brushed.   

4. Replace Your Brush 

A toothbrush needs to be replaced every three months. We have all kept brushes long past their replacement dates but next time you hit the store buy a couple and then you are stocked up and will always have a spare brush handy.  

5. Yes, You Have to Floss 

A brush alone cannot reach the areas between your teeth, this is why is really important to floss. The build-up of plaque along your gums is one of the leading causes of gum disease and periodontal issues. Flossing is the best way to protect both your teeth and your gums.  

6. Cut Down on the Sugar 

Sugar is the leading cause of tooth decay and we all know that but it doesn’t stop us from consuming far too much of it. Sugar-filled sodas and pop is a great way to get lots of cavities so avoid it at all costs. If you can’t avoid it, make it a good practice to brush after every pop consumed. Your overall health will thank you for cutting out sugar and you will have both better physical health and much better dental health.  

7. Get Yourself to a Dentist 

Regular check-ups are mandatory; even if you have the best dental hygiene in the world you still have to make an annual visit to your dentist. This check-up and teeth cleaning visit can head of any potential problems and the dentist can make sure you are brushing correctly and flossing properly. Your dentist will also be able to provide you with tips and tricks to make sure your dental health is top-notch. Our website provides a free submit dental clinic option for professional offices wishing to give the best care to clients.